Campus Life


The transition to college life is a change for the student, where the student is expected to behave
and be in a certain way. A significant amount of freedom is out there for the students, but they are
also expected to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

HIITMS offers an “Inspiring campus” where the students, are provided with the tools and environment to catapult them into skilled industry-ready people. It provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for the students that put forth mutual respect for students and teachers.

The institution focuses on academics, which is the combined effort of the student and the highly skilled and experienced faculty. Students come from
various backgrounds and they learn from each other and the staff all at once, where the faculty continuously develops innovative teaching strategies to help the student.

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Apart from serious academic activities, HIITMS also focuses on co-curricular activities. It strongly believes in the thought-provoking proverb “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

A strong belief in this quote puts the staff on foot to organize a plethora of events which starts with Sankranti (beginning of the year) and ends with Christmas (end of the year). Along with all religious and National festivals, HIITMS celebrates Bathukamma [ a Telangana State floral fest] as its official festival.

HIITMS has been organizing many fests like Food Fest, Fashion Fest, New Year Eve, Art and craft Competitions, etc to groom the students in different dimensions. The students can also look forward to exciting Freshers’ Day, Farewell, Teachers’ Day, and so on and so forth.

The motive behind hosting these co-curricular activities is to make the students responsible for organizing events thereby driving them to be responsible citizens of India.

A great emphasis is placed on research to help challenge the mind of the students and the institution’s main emphasis is on in-campus programs where various seminars, workshops are conducted.

The holy grail for any higher education is to land an appealing job by the end of the course and exactly this is done by providing various placement opportunities by the best companies for its students.