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Whenever, I think of the word “Commerce”, two very straightforward quotes hit my head back to back. So, I would doubtlessly like to share them with you in the same fashion that is, back to back, and then before you move forward to dive deep into comprehending this profound subject, I would very earnestly insist you give yourself a little break of at least two minutes to get clear with two simple things. Firstly, trying to understand the connection that both the quotes share with one another and secondly, taking a shot, as to how and why are they related to the term “commerce” and then further ahead with an undergraduate course famously known as “Bachelor of Commerce”, about which we will talk in a great detail today.

Let us start with the words of America’s very famous personality of recent times, Mr. Steve Maraboli, who is an amazing author, an internet radio commentator and also, a famous motivational speaker. He once said, When you put yourself in the customer’s shoes and begin your dialog from there, an immediate connection develops that stems beyond basic commerce and encourages loyalty.”

The second piece of words that I want you to read carefully and try to connect the dots at the same time is also quite huge in their nature and also displays the same amount of gravity as well, but the writer of these golden words is anonymous. Anyway, who so ever said, said this, “If you keep a single customer happy, the customer will keep you into the business.”


Commerce is precisely an act of business or transaction among economic agents, and these economic agents could be a company, an organization or even a single person like you and me that has an impact on the “economy” by doing any one or all of the following: buying, selling or even producing. Generally, Commerce points out to the interchange of goods, services, or something of worth, between businesses or establishments. Furthermore, if we look from a broad perspective, then, nations are concerned with carrying on commerce in a way that increases the well-being of citizens, by coming up with a sufficient amount of jobs and also producing useful goods and services.

So, the key take away from the detailed explanation given in the above-mentioned paragraph is actually quite simple, that, Commerce refers to the sum total of purchase and sale of goods and services by either a company, an organization, or even a single person like you and me.

Now let us move forward to find out about a very well designed, a profound and an uncomplicated framework which would allow you, if studied and applied well to not only understand the primary, secondary and also tertiary aspects of Commerce but, also to successfully apply it’s well-defined principles into the real world, together with its economic complexities and challenges. Let us quickly try to understand the term “Bachelor of Commerce”.


B.Com, also known as Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. This particular course is very well crafted to deliver the students with a plethora of authoritative or managerial skills and also strong comprehensibility in streams like Management, Accounts, Taxation, Finance, Economics, Business Law, and Insurance to name a few. Also to mention, that B.Com comes under a course category of under graduation (UG) – Commerce & Management.

This course is a three-year undergraduate course, which is designed for both the modes, which is the regular as well as distance education.  In addition, this course is, in some Indian universities semester wise while, others run in non- semester mode, that is year wise.

It is the second most popular undergraduate course in the Commerce branch and was first offered at the University of Birmingham. Furthermore, under B.Com, there are three most popular courses, namely B.Com or B.Com-General, B.Com (HONOURS), and B.Com LLB. The B.Com or B.Com-General is also referred to as B.Com-Pass by many universities.

Last but not the least, B.Com also has its specializations too. Generally, all the universities offer this course and aspirants can choose any one of the following according to their choice and availability in their preferred universities. B.Com comes with a range of specialization like:

  • Com ( Computers )
  • Com ( Computer Application )
  • Com ( General ), as mentioned above.

The “the future of the course” as per the latest statistics reveals a very solid and promising platform for the aspirants, and there is no second thought that can contradict this. Let us see how?

  • Firstly, for the aspirant of the Bachelor of Commerce, there is a great scope for settling down in the fields of Commerce, Accounting, Finance, Banking, and even Management in Education as well.
  • Secondly, if the Commerce undergraduate wants to go for further education such as Master of Commerce (M.Com), Master of Business Administration (MBA), the way is doubtlessly clear and open for him/her.
  • In addition, a B.Com graduate can also pursue Charted Accountancy (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Cost and Works Accountancy (CWA), and Company Secretary (CS), if he/she wants to be a decorous persona in the society.

With the promising future and great scopes also, come the “additional benefits” which are:

  • com graduates are adequate for State and Central Government jobs, Group 1 and Group 2 public service commission jobs, Indian Railways, and they can even render their services in many international jobs as well.
  • Nowadays, Bachelor of Commerce has a huge demand than Science courses because of escalating demand for the subject, especially in the e-Commerce sector.


The eligibility criterion for the B.Com courses is pretty simple and is as follows:

  • To peruse this three years under-graduation course in Commerce, the aspirant must have quailed in his/her Intermediate/ Pre University Certificate (PUC) in regular mode.
  • The candidate must meet the minimum cut-off criteria for admission to the college applied to
  • Finally, the minimum cut off marks criteria may be different in each college/university’s as it is subject to the college/university’s own admission criteria for that year

An Intermediate  or a PUC failed candidate with a minimum age of 18 years is also eligible to pursue the Commerce undergraduate degree program through the distance mode by qualifying an entrance test called the “Bachelor Preparatory Program (BPP) which is offered by the respective  universities in India, like:

  • Acharya Nagarjuna  University – Guntur
  • Kakatiya University – Warangal
  • GITAM University – Vishakhapatnam

It is to be noted that the Bachelor Preparatory Program (BPP) is subject to the university rules and regulations that particular year.

B.Com Subjects

This B.Com course contains the following subjects along with two languages.

Indian Heritage and Culture

Business Economics

Financial Accounting -1,2&3

Industrial Organization and Management

Quantitative Technics-1,2&3

Environmental Studies

Banking and Financial System

Fundamentals of Commerce

Science and Civilization

Business Laws

Income Tax and Practical Auditing

Cost and Management Accounting

Business Correspondence and Report Writing

Business Data Processing System

Corporate Accounting

Advanced Management Accounting


I am quite sure that you got what I wanted you to get, but if you haven’t so far, then, let me try to explain. If we look closely at the above statements, then we find that one word that is “customer” is very much present in both of them. This is not any kind of coincidence; it is actually designed that way. Remember one thing, that in our lifetime, in one or the other way, we keep shuttling between the characters of “a buyer” and “a seller”, that is to say, we either make customers or become one. Let us try to understand it further by firstly getting our self clear about the term “Commerce”.

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