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Postgraduate Diplomas expand upon the skills and subjects that you learn in a Bachelor’s Degree and may provide additional certification in a field of study.

What is PGD?

Are you keen to pursue higher studies? Then proceed and choose for the post-graduate diploma. As per the data provided by the renowned educational bodies as well as Management aspirants globally, the Post Graduate Diploma is one of the options an individual can avail to get certified in the advanced form of education. Postgraduate academic qualification is pursued after completion of a bachelor’s degree. All PGD’s are awarded by a graduate school.

So, many different types of courses are being offered in the reputed colleges and a candidate just needs to select the most suitable option that interests him. If an individual wants to get more knowledge about a particular subject, that is when a post-graduate diploma enters the picture and all that is required would be going back to a business school. Here you are taking up an advanced course in the same line as your bachelor’s degree. Also, to mention that you should always go for a recognized and accredited college for choosing any diploma course.

Difference between PG in Diploma and Masters:

Both courses can be done only after the completion of graduation.

PG diploma: The course duration is of 1 year. It covers all the important subjects of your areas but it does not contain any thesis/research of your specialization. Students go for this course to enhance their knowledge in particular areas and to fulfill the requirement placed by industries/companies.

Masters: The course duration is of 2 years. It is an advanced knowledge program that covers all the important concepts, theoretical, practical application as well as research/thesis in your area of specialization. And it certainly provides better job opportunities and career options. Some courses contain internships too for the practical knowledge of the student and in getting exposure to the corporate environment.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Postgraduate Diploma?

The main advantage of pursuing this type of diploma can help individuals earn more money, get a job in a particular field, or give the student the potential to focus on his or her studies as well.

It takes less time to complete as the duration is (one year) and is less expensive compared to a Master’s degree. You can change your career (or start your career) as a professional in a certain field. You can also expand your practical knowledge in a field that you are interested in.

What Kind of Career Improvement Can You Expect from a Postgraduate Diploma?

Many people use this type of diploma to enhance their ability to get hired into a specific field. It permits the individual to proceed further into their future in a specific direction as well.

In the coming paragraphs you would get clear information about the different types of PG Diploma courses, which would not only enhance your knowledge but, also provide you with a better understanding to realize which one suits you the most. The duration of these courses are: Minimum 1 year and 3 years maximum.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)

In today’s world knowledge of the computer and its applications is the most important requirement. These days, for any easy work, the use of computers is essential for everyone, ranging from handling a bank account to getting reservations, or repossesses any information by searching the internet. The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is created for students with a degree who are interested in computer applications. This course is also suitable for engineering graduates who are focused on making their careers in the IT sector.

Post Graduate Diploma in Travel Tourism Management (PGDTTM)

A postgraduate program helps to refine expertise and master in the field of Travel & Tourism in case, students want to work independently or with a company. The information they gain during the course will help them develop and perfect their skills in this sector. Basically, Tourism is explained as the marketing of all the enjoyable of a travel destination as well as delivering the facilities and services for the pleasure of travelers.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management pathway has been developed within the general business management area of postgraduate study. It directs to develop graduates from any subject area for a career in business and management in either the public or private sector and is an ideal early-career move to prepare you for an array of management roles.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (PGDHM)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (PGDHM)is designed for individuals seeking specialized training and knowledge as preparation for a career in the vast hospitality industry. The successful graduate can enter the industry at a supervisory level and perform management functions and duties to this industry. This enables individuals and young professionals to succeed as managers in the global hospitality industry — even if your bachelor’s degree should be in an unrelated field.

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)

Keeping in mind, if you want to take the next step in your marketing career through added education, you are undoubtedly asking yourself, “What is a postgraduate diploma in marketing studies?” These diplomas may often incorporate courses that engross on a particular area of marketing, such as branding, or that deal with the complexities of marketing a certain industry, such as sports teams or nonprofits. Classes may cover marketing strategy development and measurement, the financial side of marketing, or specific techniques related to customer behavior, PR,  or events.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health care Management (PGDHHCM)

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management is designed to enable learners to develop a sound understanding of policy, management and leadership concepts, theories and practices in hospital and health care, and an understanding to improve the quality services. After completing the course the candidate will have the ability to manage team performance for the quality of service delivery in hospitals and health care organizations.

Post Graduate Diploma in Information technology (PGDIT)

Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology is absolutely good for students with an interest in IT. It provides a broad introduction to computer science, so you can pursue further studies in specializations such as software design, & information systems. A candidate can have his career in information security officer, Manager consultant, security specialist, among others. When you take forward your career with a diploma, you may be eligible for jobs in the IT department of any company.

Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)

When a student takes on a diploma in human resources, he or she becomes entitled to enter the workforce at large and different numbers of organizations. During their studies, students are provided with an understanding  of various topics, including pay equality, leadership, organizational behavior, employment law, and management. These are priceless expertise to have and can be used to open up opportunities at a large variety of employers- from healthcare to Banks, hospitals, Broadcasting, etc.. This course can be your way of arranging for a career at different types of organization.

Post Graduation Diploma in International Business (PGDIB)

International business is a domain of study that allows students with the capability to think globally, bring a diversity of cultures together, and manage international businesses. Cultural responsiveness, business plan writing, and even learning another language may be part of the curriculum. Students will gain sn active understanding of a range of themes affecting the contemporary business world, such as foreign exchange International Finance Management, International Marketing, Outlook of international management.

Post Graduation Diploma in Insurance Management (PGDIM)                                          

Nowadays the Insurance sector provides many job opportunities. Apart from Government organizations, many private insurance companies have immerged in the insurance market. PGDIM focuses on generating professionals who can shape a rewarding and promising career in the insurance industry. Our program provides a specialization in General Insurance as well as Life Insurance. We give importance to legal aspects and risk management imbibed in the insurance sector. PGDIM explores the multi-faceted world of insurance management and reflects on the growing interplay between insurance, risk management, and financial services. You can either choose to be Insurance Consultant, Business Development Manager, Insurance Agent, and Development Officer in an Insurance Organization.

Post Graduation Diploma in Banking and Financial Management (PGDBFM)

PGDBFM has witnessed significant growth over the years, We are here for a very simple reason – to provide an advance understanding of banking and finance by providing outstanding education and thinking, tailored to the needs of business, individuals, and society. We provide a balance of experience in the Indian Banking system. Theoretical and practical knowledge is provided. Which helps to give an insight into today’s financial world. And because we’ve been at the heart of the sector for so long that we have created connections and build partnerships between people and business that make banking and finance more accessible and understood, and enhance social inclusion through better financial capability.

Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM)

This Diploma in Finance offers a strong blend of practical and theoretical theories that helps candidates for a career in the financial sector at an international level. The program provides comprehensive knowledge of accounts, international finance and services. The course structure gives importance to the use of vicenary tools to explain and solve market provocations. To make sure you achieve organizational goals and strategies through understanding the accounting principles. Create solutions for business provocations of marketing, economics, accounting, operations management, and finance. Implement a business plan of action based on the principles of capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital, corporate financing, and asset valuation, etc.

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma In Computer Application

  1. Information Technology
  2. Programming with C++
  3. Computer Organization
  4. Data Structures
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Database Management System
  7. Account and Finance
  8. Computer Graphics
  9. PC Software Lab
  10. C++ and Data Structures Lab
  11. DBMS Lab

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology

  1. C Lab
  2. Oracle Lab
  3. Computer Networking
  4. Operating Systems
  5. Database Management System
  6. Computer Organization
  7. Basics of IT
  8. Data structure with C

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Business Management

  1. Finance Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Managerial Economics
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Perspectives of Management

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management

  1. Diagnostic Support and Utility Services
  2. Management of Health System
  3. Hospital Accounting and Hospital Laws
  4. Medical Terminology, Records and Insurance
  5. Perspectives of Management

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Insurance Management

  1. Principals and Practice of Life Insurance
  2. Principals and Practice General Insurance
  3. Risk and Treasury Management
  4. Insurance Law
  5. Perspectives of Management

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Hotel Management

  1. Food and Beverage Production
  2. House Keeping Management
  3. Front Office Management
  4. Nutrition and Food Hygiene
  5. Kitchen Operations Management
  6. IT for the Hotel Industry

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

  1. Travel Agency Management
  2. Tourism Products
  3. Principles of Tourism
  4. Computer Applications in Tourism and Travel Management
  5. Communicational Skills

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Marketing Management

  1. Marketing Management
  2. International Marketing
  3. Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research
  4. Perspectives of Management
  5. Sales and Advertising Management

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resource Management

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Perspectives of Management
  3. Labor Welfare and Social Security
  4. Organizational Behavior
  5. Employee Compensation Management

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in International Business

  1. Foreign Exchange Management
  2. International Finance Management
  3. International Marketing
  4. Perspectives of Management
  5. International Business

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Banking and Financial Management

  1. Management of Financial Services
  2. International Financial Management
  3. Theory and Practice of Banking in India
  4. Accounting for Managers
  5. Perspectives of Management

Subjects of Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Management

  1. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  2. Management of Financial Services
  3. International Financial Management
  4. Accounting for Managers
  5. Perspectives of Management

If a student doubt is, Inter failed what next? Then HIITMS is the ideal choice for aspirants looking for degree college to continue education through having backlogs at the intermediate level or PUC level. Because HIITMS Offers B.A B.Com [General / Computers] B.Com with Event Management and B.B.A for PUC / inter failed students with the following salient features.

  1. Regular Classes
  2. 100% Corporate atmosphere
  3. 96% cumulative pass percentage during the previous years
  4. Parents Login window for Student’s everyday login & logout timings’
  5. Experience and student-friendly teaching faculty
  6. Well equipped classrooms with the State of the Art Furniture
  7. High configured Computer Lab
  8. 24 hours under CCTV surveillance & free Wi-Fi
  9. Industrial visit and Internships & Seminars and guest lectures
  10. Cultural Fests, Youth Fest and extra co-curriculum activities for all-round development of students
  11. Special Focus on Soft Communication Skills, Personality Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programme, Body Language, Mind techniques, etc by Industry Experts.
  12. Useful for Government / Corporate and Overseas Jobs &Valid for further studies in India and Abroad
  13. Placement assistance
  14. The degree will be awarded by UGC & Govt. of India /TS; AP & KA recognized, Top Ranked Universities.
  15. Offer: One Year Total Fee Paid Candidates Can Get Spot Study Material, Free College Bag & Exam Material


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